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Personal Development & Counselling

Swansea Counsellor The Listening Helper

Lynette Evans

Lynette Evans is a qualified and experienced Integrative Counsellor, Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor (Level 7) and a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). She provides a confidential and professional counselling service as well as assisting individuals in their personal development through goal setting and coaching. She also provides one to one or group Consultative Supervision to counsellors and other professional persons or organisations.

Being an Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist means she is able to combine theory and techniques from a variety of major theoretical approaches such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Person Centred and Psychodynamic to name a few and integrate them into a single approach. This allows her to be incredibly flexible and creative in her practice and tailor her work to your own needs or goals. By working together she can help you find positive ways forward by looking at your difficulties from alternative perspectives to create new meaning and acquire the tools to achieve your goals.

Some of the services offered to individuals, businesses & business owners include:

  • Personal Development & Coaching
  • Counselling & Psychotherapy - Group or Individual for employees (visit www.thelisteninghelper.co.uk for full range of specialisms)
  • Stress Management
  • Stress, Depression & Anxiety support to help maximise work attendance
  • Mindfulness Meditation & relaxation techniques
  • Consultative Supervision
  • Human Resources and Occupational Health support & assistance

Lynette Evans also offers stimulating, informative and educational workshops and seminars to help you learn the latest tools, techniques and strategies. These sessions are designed specifically to assist you to gain insight into positive and practical ways of dealing with the challenges that life brings.

To find more information about Lynette's services and specialisms, visit The Listening Helper website or contact Lynette directly by phone or email to discuss your needs.

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Stimulate Personal Growth

Rivki Rose Training

Becca Rosenthal of Rivki Rose Training  is a triple award winning Trainer and qualified life-coach who works with small businesses to improve business and personal mind-set. 

Becca has a wealth of experience in designing and facilitating personal growth learning programmes and has worked within some of the hardest to reach communities in Wales and for the Welsh Government. Throughout her career, Becca has been involved in supporting people from all walks of life to address limiting learned behaviours and she is able to show you how to apply those life-coaching techniques to your business. Becca and her team spend time cutting through the noise of information promoted by the self-help and coaching industries so that you don’t have to. They’ll bring you researched and well-sourced techniques and tools to improve your mind-set within your business. Allowing you to reach both your professional and personal potential.

Becca is able to support you to address areas such as overwhelm, resilience, setting and achieving goals, procrastination, time management, positive psychology, embracing skills and knowledge as a business asset, releasing aspiration, confidence in the face of competition and more. If you’re determined to improve your relationship between yourself and your business, and you want to make improvements for future success, then you need Rivki Rose Training in your life NOW.

One-to-one sessions or group workshops are available, delivered externally or in-house, online modules are available for individual or group access.

To find out more, visit the Rivki Rose Training website or get in touch with Becca directly. If you’re determined to......and you want... you need....now!

Becca is also a guest writer on our news pages, check out some of her articles here.