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Ferry Cake Marketing and PR use Corten Editorial for freelance proofreading and copy-editing services.  They specialise in business-related written content, as well as working in the publishing industry and academia.

Since Lindsay Corten took up the challenge to work on a freelance basis, and established Corten Editorial in April 2015, she has proofread/copy-edited a variety of business-related projects for different clients, including website wording, marketing brochures/flyers, product packaging, policy/terms and conditions documents, bid proposals, newsletters and more besides.

Following the completion of her first class BSc (Hons) in Management Science, Lindsay spent 20 years working in IT, ultimately as a business analyst and bid writer/manager. Since the beginning of her career, she has spent a considerable amount of time editing and proofreading colleagues’ documents, as well as writing her own. Particularly in her final role as a bid manager, she was often used as a ‘baptism of fire’ to check the bid documents written by new members of the team; poor things! Her thoroughness, diligence and meticulous attention to detail were appreciated by many, but possibly not so much by those who did not share her love of a professionally written and grammatically correct document!

Lindsay has a real passion for helping fellow small businesses to look their absolute best in written form to enable them to better engage with and draw in their existing and potential new clients. Particularly in this age of so much digital media, she recognises that it is more important than ever for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to clearly communicate their message to their audience and stand out from the crowd. After all, good spelling and grammar is not just a set of rules to follow, but is a mechanism for putting your message across in the clearest possible way!


"Like all businesses, mine is such that small slips of the pen or an errant strike on the keyboard are all too probable. At best, such mistakes, when they occur, can be embarrassing. Unrectified, they could lead to ruinously expensive arguments. When prospective clients spot such errors, their confidence in one diminishes, sometimes resulting in loss of business.

I needed someone who could spot the errors before I broadcast them. I needed someone who was technically competent. I needed someone who was reliable. Lindsay fits the bill perfectly. If you have ever heard the saying ‘it’s hard to spot one’s mistakes’, believe me, it’s true. Working with Lindsay gives me the confidence every professional needs in his finished work. I would recommend her without qualification or hesitation."  - Ade Oduyemi, Maximum Inheritance Specialists

"What can I say – you’re worth your weight in gold! Thank you so much."  - Nikki Raine, Marvellous Mixes

"Looking for someone professional and reliable to proofread my book, I scoured the Internet, as you do! I came across Corten Editorial and phoned Lindsay. Having spoken to her, I knew she would not disappoint! I am very happy with the work she did for me and she went the extra mile in suggesting some really useful changes. I am actually much more confident of my book after the proofreading. I would recommend Corten Editorial!" - Nitin Mehta MBE

For full details of Corten Editorial’s services, Lindsay would love you to visit her website, follow her on Twitter, get in touch via email on enquiries@corteneditorial.co.uk or give her a call on +44 (0)7841 017539.