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Bowen In The Workplace
During this tough financial climate, increasing employee well-being in the workplace and decreasing absenteeism through ill-health is vitally important for small and large business alike.

Bowen Therapy can:

  • Optimise employee health and comfort therefore increasing efficiency, productivity and keeping sick-pay costs to a minimum.
  • Help physical/musculoskeletal issues and improve posture. It can also help alleviate emotional strain, helping to improve general employee morale.


Do you say 'Oh, my back back comes with the job'?
Do your wrists/shoulders hurt constantly?
Are you sitting or standing for long periods of time every day?
Do you lift heavy objects regularly?
Do you need to work long hours or shift work?
Are you an employee/supervisor/manager with a high level of stress in work?

These are among many issues that employers and employees can face during every working day. This can eventually lead to negative effects in your home life too.

If you feel like you're in a vicious circle of stress and pain, Bowen Therapy can help break that circle and point you in a more positive, healthy direction.

Hefina Evans can deliver Bowen conveniently and directly to your staff both on site and off-site. 

A competitive fee structure can be discussed to suit your business needs. Drop her a line to find out more.

Other Health and Wellbeing Services

Do you offer a health and well being service which our commercial clients may find useful?

Do you offer a recreational service - golfing or fitness for example which our busy business owners could think about doing on their days off after a productive week running their businesses?

If so and you'd like us to raise your profile to our clients and website visitors, drop us an email.  We also get you promoted to over 10,000 followers of Shout Out Wales on Twitter @ShoutOutWales #ShoutOutWales.  The followers are predominately Welsh businesses.