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Marketing company supports 600 Welsh businesses

Marketing company supports Welsh businesses with #ShoutOutWales

Shout OUt Wales_2After meeting many women in business at networking events in her local area of Carmarthenshire and Swansea, many needing marketing and PR support without having the budget for it, Michelle Beer of Ferry Cake Marketing and PR created #ShoutOutWales on Twitter to show support in some way, in addition to help raise her business visibility.

Michelle explained ‘I set up my marketing and PR business in late 2014 to provide outsourced marketing and PR support to businesses in these areas. I was meeting so many small business owners who have taken the brave steps to set up on their own, but just did not have the marketing expertise or the budget to promote their own businesses and I found this rather moving. Many of these small businesses were not receiving the right marketing support they so much needed or were not being supported by marketing and PR agencies due to the business owners limited funds.

In my first 12 months in business, I must have met and spoken to over 250 businesses at networking or other events; I have honestly lost count. It was so humbling to hear about their journey into self-employment and their own businesses. I wanted to be able to help in some way when I had a few spare moments, which is often very rare these days.

‘I am a mum of three, so I juggle my business, work and networking around my children, which works fantastically well for me as, being my own boss, I can be extremely flexible with how I organise my work and priorities.

‘With my desire to support as many Welsh businesses as possible during my few spare moments, I turned to what I knew best and that was Twitter. I knew I could reach and further engage with businesses on this social media channel and went on to create #ShoutOutWales to shout about businesses in Wales to other Welsh businesses. In just over a year, during those few spare moments, it has gained almost 8,100 followers, a large proportion of which are Welsh businesses, and over 600 businesses have received regular and consistent FREE shout outs. Showcasing the diverse range of small businesses in Wales. It has been amazing for me to see how I have been able to support over 600 businesses in some way.’

To date (Feb 2017), over 37,3k tweets have been sent out in support of businesses in Wales. Numerous testimonials and messages of thanks have been received for the help Shout Out Wales have  provided to raise Welsh businesses profile, created new clients and referred numerous leads to their businesses. A truly successful marketing Twitter campaign developed to serve the small business community has delivered over and above expected results. www.twitter.com/shoutoutwales, #ShoutOutWales.

Updated (September 2017), 49.2k tweets, 9,538 active followers.

A few of the testimonials received:

“Quietly confident, Michelle is an excellent Marketeer who has really supported Knotweed Support with our growth and ensuring potential clients hear about us.  Shout Out Wales has been responsible for referring a number of clients to us across South Wales.  As a small business if you aren’t already registered with @shoutoutwales then you need to be.  If you have the chance to discuss your marketing need with Michelle then grab the chance with both hands as she is a font of really helpful knowledge and understanding and will suggest an approach that leaves you with control but gives your business the boost it needs.”

-Anita Davies – Knotweed Support – Invasive Weed Specialists

Non-Native Invasive Species Specialist in South Wales. #Knotweed #Buddleia #Balsam #Rhododendron #GiantHogweed *Arbenigwr Chwyn Clymog De Orllewin Cymru

“It was nice to chat the other day and thanks for your words of wisdom re all things Social Media. Thanks also for the help that you have given me on Twitter, with the #ShoutOutWales campaign. This has been great in terms of getting Music for You’s name and brand out to a much wider audience than I was previously able to reach, plus it has introduced me to potential new suppliers as well as clients. Keep up the great work with this.” @WelshTrumpeter

– Andrew Jones – The Welsh Trumpeter – andrewjonesmusic.com 

#Trumpet #musicforyou – providing quality live #music for #Weddings #Parties #Awards #Corporate #Events & #Bugler #LastPost at #Veterans #Funeral