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Leading Your Way!

An interesting insight from Jennifer Foster MA. BSc of Energy Dynamic on leadership.

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Recently I’ve been speaking to businesses and organisations and it looks like the climate in the world of training is beginning to change. It seems to be that the usual way of understanding how to lead people is starting to lose credibility and people want to learn about something different. They want to focus on the ability of the individual to create and to change situations, not just about how to manage and control people. They want to see and study the inherent beauty of the human being and what can be done in harmony with whatever is around them, not just hear about the same old self hypnotism techniques and goal setting ideas that prevent clear vision. This is great news to me as knowledge about the beauty of the human being has been hidden for far too long under the stones of taught techniques, vague directions and teachings about how to control the mind.

The idea that leadership comes from the power that you have over other people rather than from within yourself is never really absolutely stated but it is implied in most conventional training. This way of thinking springs from the not so hidden assumption that people are weak and need to be controlled to keep order and peace in society. This philosophy is subtly promoted by using the politics of fear, a favourite device of control used by many of our elected leaders for so long now that it is difficult to remember when this was not the case.

I recently experienced this first hand during the EU campaign. A main point of concern to Member of Parliament (MP) (who happened to be from the Remain camp) was the fact that Wales would lose funding opportunities handed out from Europe if the UK were to leave the EU.

Maybe if funding was cut, more powerful solutions would be discovered by people on their own terms in their own community and so they wouldn’t have to continually go and gain ‘permission’ or ‘approval’ from some huge funding body before they were allowed to change anything for the better. Funding tends to be a sticking plaster to a problem, a stop gap. And it can be really effective in some extreme situations. However, if funding is relied upon in the medium or long term then it starts to stifles greater creativity and interrupts the natural flow of innovation and development that will naturally arise given the experiences that people gain when they are actually living in a situation. Funding can really corrupt and control the actions of the people and can be used as a tool of manipulation. I was staggered that a politician, a leader of community, should have so little faith or knowledge about the nature and creation of personal power and people.

So, let’s take this opportunity of a new dawn and end this old fashioned and out of date way of thinking that people need to be controlled and that money is an essential component of the creative process involved in human innovation and development. It is time to realise that human beings are much more than just thought processes, behaviour and consumers of material goods. It is time to realise that if we can understand and access our own imaginations and focus on the ever present love and beauty of people and society then this is what we will be able to work with and create ideas from. It is time for people to take back the power they have given to the so called present leaders, and to reclaim their own inherent intelligence, beauty and innovative thinking. And remember, no one needs to lead you if you can lead yourself.

The Energy Dynamic Model as a teaching aid, teaches you to do this and reclaim your independence! More details can be found from World Vision Leaders website.

About Jennifer Foster and the development of the Energy Dynamic model:

The Energy Dynamic™ model has taken Jennifer 30 years to develop, and only after having worked directly with over two and half thousand people including people with learning difficulties, mental health problems, long term unemployed, families, youngsters, social workers, nurses, therapists, doctors, business leaders and millionaires.

The model shows you how to understand yourself and other people so you can become better leaders to lead a world class workforce.  Understanding yourself and people better gives you clarity (vision) and strength (power), which in turn leads to transformation in the way you lead your team. You become stronger and more aware of your situation and what is going on around. You will see the transformation leadership takes place once you apply the theory into practice. It will really change the way you experience life and how you lead the people within your team.

Work includes: Remploy (one of first four Job coaches in the UK), Restart Courses (worked with over 2,000 people over 2 years), Hackney Council Social Services (Project Manager for Employment and Training opportunities), Support Worker one to one 2 year olds at a nursery (learning difficulties).