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Keeping Good Company

The people we surround ourselves with will affect who we are.

Article by guest writer Becca Rosenthal of Rivki Rose Training
Rivki Rose Training

Becca Rosenthal of Rivki Rose Training

There are few characteristics that spell out any more clearly what it is to be human, than our natural drive to create connections with people around us. Modern life offers us more opportunities than ever before to be our natural, social beings – from congregating as little humans in nursery, to negotiating daily life as grown-ups and our new relationship with social media.

There will always be exceptions to the rule of course, but the vast majority of us will experience subtle changes to our values and behaviour, depending on our social environment. Our mind is drawn to wanting to fit in, to feel as if we’re a part of something. And it’s no different in business. Whether we are running our own, or are a part of someone else’s – it matters who we surround ourselves with. It will affect our performance, our mind-set, our self-esteem and our self-belief. Surrounding ourselves with people who are powerful, have influence and are ‘living the dream’ can have a fantastic impact on encouraging our minds and dreams to grow, and helps to expand the usual limits to our thinking. We don’t have to assume that the only people we need to surround ourselves with are those we aspire to be, though.
Surrounding ourselves only with those people can leave us in an emotional deficit, feeling like we’re never enough. We can also surround ourselves with people who ooze qualities we admire and want to grow within ourselves. Surround yourself with people who live their lives by self-compassion, and you will become kinder to yourself over time. Surround yourself with people who get a kick out of life when they make people laugh, and you’ll learn to laugh at the world. Surround yourself with people who never switch off from work, and eventually you’ll find yourself sending e-mails at 1am. I'm sure you get the picture.
The kind of people we all need in our lives are the cheerleaders, the encouragers and the champions. Those people who are so grounded in the value of their own lives that they’re not afraid to champion yours. The people who will hear your
story and won’t threaten it with one-upmanship. Those people who pick you up after a fall, dust you off and encourage you to get back on the bike. Those people who know it’s a fall and not a failure, and encourage you to see the same.
When we surround ourselves with people who lift us up in this way, the filter we look at the world with is going to change – we see the bigger picture, we feel that self-belief, and we recognise when we’re capable of carrying on. We learn to dream big, and know we can achieve it.
Today, make a commitment to find your champions, your encouragers and your cheerleaders. Find those colleagues. Those friends. Those lovers. Find that business network that will stretch you and challenge you, and isn’t afraid to be your encourager. And let life weed out those people that are toxic to your success.