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Innovative eco-friendly product launched by Carmarthenshire Mum

A bright and innovative eco-friendly product!

How great to see a fantastic manufacturer of eco friendly product in Carmarthenshire.

“Sarah Hyde – a Scot now living in West Wales, a mother of three, a dog lover, cake maker, social media fanatic, positive thinker and eco enthusiast.”

rainbow_kit_500_largeSarah of Nappy Go Lucky has been trading online for 6 years, buying in cloth nappies and
accessories from around the globe and selling them on via her website and at local events across west and south Wales.


She is keen to support local manufacturing and set about creating a locally produced, environmentally friendly wipes kit. By working in collaboration with a couple of other local business women she has created a reusable wipes kit made in Wales. Red Dragon Manufacturing in Swansea, a social enterprise, manufacture the sewn goods and Akamuti, a family run organic and ethical skincare company, manufacture the organic soap cubes.

Each kit contains a pack of ten double sided reusable wipes, one side cotton towelling and one side gentle polar fleece, a round container for storing the wipes with a click lock style lid, a drawstring bag for taking wipes out with you, a travel sized spray bottle for taking out with you and a pack of organic wipey wipes soap cubes to make a lovely, gentle wipe solution. All of components of the kits are available to purchase separately here.

The wipes are suitable for wiping hands, faces and bottoms. They come in a variety of colours so if you wish to keep top and tail wipes separate you can.

Sarah has used cloth nappies on all of her three children and is keen to help families minimise waste so urges parents to consider using reusable wipes even if you don’t like the idea of cloth nappies!
Weaning is a messy affair whether you choose to puree feed or try baby led weaning and a lot of wiping up is inevitable.

What many new users find is that a reusable wipe can clean up far more effectively than a single use wipe, which often smears food around.

A happy customer, from Ceredigion, said
“These are AMAZING!!! I dealt with two poonamis this morning and it was nice not having a mountain of disposable wipes to battle with. We got the lavender and camomile blocks and the smell is so nice! And the husband has also been using them for our 3 year old who seems to constantly have food around his face. Can highly recommend these for anyone wanting to use reusable wipes”

This you tube video explains how the kit works:

Further information here:

To order, email hello@wipeywipes.co.uk or Tel 07827431613