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Happy staff at work means better business

Post by Jennifer Foster of World Dynamic Leaders

Happy staff at work means better business

Research has shown that staff absence has a hugely detrimental effect on the productivity of a business and this can seriously damage your profit margins. However, if you have staff that are not only present but who are also working more effectively, then your business performance will boom. Here are some key areas that can help your staff improve their attendance and performance at work:

  • Reduce their stress levels
  • Understand how your staff ‘work’ as people
  • Create an environment at work which enhances staff strengths and reduces their weakness
  • Make sure you, as their manager, set a good example as a leader.

These four key points will not only reduce staff absence, but will also help your staff feel happier at work. If staff feel happy at work, research has shown that they will perform more effectively.

Standard leadership / management programs usually cover the process of management and / or how to change the way people ‘think’. You are not taught how to understand how people ‘work’ or operate in modern society today, but only how to manage and control certain aspects of an employees working life. These courses can work up to a point, but they don’t really provide the information or training to ensure that your staff and yourself actually feel happier at work, or show you how to create better and more effective situations around your staff and clients.

law1The World Dynamic Leaders program shows you exactly how to achieve these four key points by teaching you the ‘Energy Dynamic™’ model.  This is a new way to understand people and how human nature has adapted to work in this modern world. Once you have learnt about this, it will enable you to analyse people and situations to such a degree that you will never have to worry about how your staff or yourself ‘think’ again. This is because the situations that you will be shown how to create around your staff and your clients, will automatically work. So not only will your staff make better effective decisions, but you will be freer to create and develop innovative ideas yourself so that your business can grow.

shiftingdynamicThe World Dynamic Leaders program is delivered as a theatrical experience and taught over seven days, with a week between each session.  Once you have completed this first part (Level 1), you will then be given support on a one to one basis for two months in applying what you have learnt (Level 2). The difference you will find in how your staff performs and the way in which your clients will respond to this new way of working will astonish you.



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