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Engage With Your Tribe

By Angie Davies of So Occassion Now https://twitter.com/sooccasionnow


Digital Marketing Planning

On Monday 18th April, I was off to Kidwelly in the south of the stunning county of Carmarthenshire. This was to be a foray into Digital Marketing Planning – a workshop with the jolly and effervescent Michelle Beer, Founder of Ferrycake Marketing and PR. She greeted us with her usual beaming smile – the “us” in this case being Jennifer of Energy Dynamics and myself, Angie of So-Occasion.

Whist Michelle brewed us some freshly roasted coffee, I looked around me and noticed that the new office of FerryCake had the stamp of its owner about it. There was a length to the room with one end painted that lovely tangerine orange that was instantly recognisable as the marketing brand of FerryCake. Around the room brightly coloured chairs added to the warmth of the room.

Once we had sipped our coffee, we were handed A4 sheets of prompts with numerous boxes headed up with Current situation, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Actions and Control, which we then stuck to the wall. Michelle did not intend us to sit all morning, oh no! We were encouraged to get up, walk around and think about where we currently were as regards to our digital marketing. We had our websites and the usual Facebook and Twitter so surely this was a start, wasn’t it? We were given Post-it notes to which we could add our “thoughts” and our “objectives.” It was then that I realised I had not prepared enough! Michelle explained to us very gently that we needed to build our tribe! (community) It sounded like we were in the Arizona desert instead of dry (for once) Carmarthenshire.

She enthused about social media, how it should be lively and how it was important to engage with our tribe. If we had a teaser question – so much the better – as this pushed our prospective clients to engage or visit our website. She discouraged us from giving lengthy advice through Facebook so not to get into debates which may take up too much of our time, but just little snippets of information to entice would suffice. If we wanted to create online videos then this could be beneficial to us also.

We continued with our “Actions” – what could we do to push our own Digital Marketing along?

The morning zipped away, too fast, and so we concluded with how we would monitor/control our social media activities. Time, then, to analyse and create a report. Who were our followers and who followed them? It was good to have the right balance of these “f” people! This then was the beginning of our Digital Marketing Plan. Phew.... I had got through it and it proved to be the best “digital media mix” for me.

Are you starting out on the social media circuit? Do you need some training? Get in touch with Michelle at FerryCake – she really does brew a freshly roasted coffee and if you fancy a “ferrycake”, I am sure she will oblige!

Contact: @ferrycake (Twitter) /ferrycakeconsutancy (Facebook) or email: hello@ferrycake.co.uk