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Happy staff at work means b...

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Post by Jennifer Foster of World Dynamic Leaders Happy staff at work means better business Research has shown that staff absence has a hugely detrimental effect on the productivity of a business and this can seriously damage your profit margins. However, if you have staff that are not only present but who are also working […]

Are you losing customers?

Social media support

If you’re not using social media effectively for your business, then you are losing customers. Social media is a powerful tool which small businesses seem to overlook. Retailers have seen up to 133% increases in their revenues thanks to social media – so can you afford to neglect it? Social media has become engrained in […]

Innovative eco-friendly pro...

A bright and innovative eco-friendly product! How great to see a fantastic manufacturer of eco friendly product in Carmarthenshire. “Sarah Hyde – a Scot now living in West Wales, a mother of three, a dog lover, cake maker, social media fanatic, positive thinker and eco enthusiast.” Sarah of Nappy Go Lucky has been trading online for […]