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A Leadership Course with a Difference

An innovative leadership model from Carmarthenshire

Energy Dynamic

Our founder Michelle Beer recently attended an innovative leadership course delivered by author and trainer Jennifer Foster of Energy Dynamics. After being on several leadership programmes in the past this one was indeed very different, not only was it thought provoking, insightful but most importantly effective in changing the way we look at leading from understanding how to be more 'you' and your energy dynamic. It was well worth the time. For more information on Jennifer Foster's Energy Dynamic model check out www.energydynamic.co.uk

This week's session was a great ending to the learning part of the Mystery Magical Tour of the Human Being, where I received my Energy Dynamic assessment and 'mind' reading, followed by a quick one to ones and a few tweaks to the mind / feel / my set up and is now set to go. We had some revision on how to operate in the optimal manner - the 'Positive Feeler' dynamic and then we paired up ready to begin discussions and actions on an individual idea that each one of the attendees will do over the next 2 weeks. We will meet again in the beginning of May for the final session and see what magic has happened around everyone.